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Corcovado National Park from Manuel Antonio

The Corcovado National Park tour from Manuel Antonio is a fantastic wilderness adventure that will combine the most biodiverse rainforest on the planet with the breathtaking beauty of sea life.

Keep on reading to find out more about this fantastic tour.


Damas Island Mangroves Boat / Kayaking Tour

The Damas Mangroves Tour is one of our most popular tours and it’s one of Epic Adventures’ most treasured secrets.

If you think the Damas Island Estuary and Mangrove Boat Tour is sedentary, then let our “interactive” tropical rainforest and delicate mangrove ecosystem knock you out of your seat in your boat – literally.

This adventure of Costa Rican natural history – its exotic flora and fauna — is highly recommended for any naturalist, young or old, who wants to experience firsthand the pulse of the mangrove ecosystem.

Manuel Antonio National Park Walk

Coming on a naturalist walk in Manuel Antonio National Park is a must for any visitor to Costa Rica.

This hike encompasses the best of it all: Tropical rainforests teeming with wildlife, amazing data provided by passionate naturalists, prime optical gear to see all animals in detail, and the cherry over the whipped cream when you soak in the warm turquoise waters of the popular “Third Beach”.

Take a stroll or an intense hike (it’s your choice since it’s your tour) with a highly trained, well-educated Costa Rican naturalist guide. 

You will walk through our exotic, bio-diverse tropical rainforest preserved for more than 40 years, our treasure, Manuel Antonio National Park.

Your group’s abilities and interests determine the pace of this adventure.