Costa Rica Tourism Industry and Government Join Forces to Enhance Safety for Visitors

The National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR) and Costa Rican public security agencies provided information to the public about safety precautions for tourists visiting Costa Rica.

The meeting included the Minister of Tourism, William Rodríguez, the head of public security, Mario Zamora, and Kathia Chavarría, director of the Tourist Police. Presidents and delegates from several tourism chambers across the country were also present.

The conversation resulted in the signing of an agreement to collaborate on citizen and business security among Public Security and CANATUR. This agreement attempts to prevent and reduce crime in tourist areas.

The agreement builds on discussions that began at a prior conference in October 2023, when participants learned about the Ministry of Security’s crime-fighting activities at both the national and tourism-related levels. During the conference, statistics on crimes involving visitors were also given.

Furthermore, the pact aims to improve community responses to security threats and provide comprehensive care to crime victims.

Key parties agreed on the need to hold safety meetings and adopt quick reaction mechanisms for business owners. Meanwhile, the business sector promised to contribute essential resources such as knowledge, logistical support, and supplies.

Rubén Acón, President of CANATUR, emphasized the significance of this agreement, stating, “This agreement represents an important step in protecting and promoting tourism in our country, showcasing the collective commitment of both the public and private sectors to ensure safe and satisfying experiences for all visitors.”

The sector is increasingly concerned about rising insecurity issues, which could potentially impact the number of visitors choosing Costa Rica as a destination.

According to the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), figures in crime in the provinces of Puntarenas,  Limón, and Guanacaste have raised. These figures are particularly alarming given that these provinces house some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

On numerous occasions, representatives from the tourism sector have urged the government to implement concrete actions to prevent visitors from falling victim to crime.


This appeared first on The Tico Times:

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