Advancing Beach Safety and Sustainability: Costa Rica’s Innovative Eco-Friendly Lifeguard Stations

In a remarkable stride towards enhancing beach safety while championing sustainability, Costa Rica is set to introduce revolutionary lifeguard stations crafted from recycled plastic wood across its breathtaking coastal landscapes.

Life Guard stations
Taken from The Tico Times:

A dynamic partnership between the esteemed local nonprofit, The Clean Wave Foundation, and the forward-thinking manufacturing firm, IPS, has recently been unveiled. This groundbreaking initiative was announced amidst the festivities commemorating The Clean Wave Foundation’s sixth anniversary in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste.

These visionary lifeguard stations, ingeniously composed of plastic wood, are meticulously designed to not only offer lifeguards sturdy and reliable infrastructure but also to repurpose the plastic waste that mars the scenic beauty of Costa Rica’s shores.

President Andrés Bermúdez of The Clean Wave Foundation hailed this endeavor as “a prime embodiment of the circular economy.” During the announcement, he highlighted, “Plastic, traditionally deemed a pollutant, is now harnessed for positive impact.”

This pioneering endeavor aims to install the transformed plastic wood lifeguard stations along the idyllic beaches of Guanacaste, Puntarenas, and Limón provinces.

Prominent locations earmarked for this eco-friendly upgrade encompass Manuel Antonio National Park, the vibrant surfing haven of Playa Negra, and family-friendly beaches like Ventanas.

The journey begins with beach cleanups orchestrated by The Clean Wave Foundation, where plastic debris is meticulously collected and then delivered to the manufacturing partner, IPS. Through a meticulous process, this discarded plastic is transformed into resilient planks and posts, forging the very lifeguard towers that will safeguard beach enthusiasts.

Andrés Bermúdez affirmed, “We accomplish dual objectives: eradicating beachside litter and repurposing it.” Otto André, representing IPS, accentuated their pivotal role, stating, “Our innovative procedure facilitates the meaningful utilization of the colossal volumes of plastic waste inundating our communities.”

The eco-friendly plastic wood stands as a beacon of sustainable craftsmanship. This repurposed plastic material is skillfully molded into robust boards, rails, and poles that rival the structural strength of conventional wood.

Local residents are brimming with enthusiasm for these plastic wood lifeguard stations, envisioning a reduction in waste while ensuring the safety of beachgoers. These enduring and environmentally conscious towers epitomize ingenuity and sustainability, captivating visitors with their transformative essence.

With Costa Rica’s pristine beaches annually attracting over 3 million tourists, the visionary lifeguard station initiative aspires to catalyze a wave of environmental consciousness and inspire future community-driven eco-initiatives.



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