Visita guiada al Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Paseo por el Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Realizar un paseo naturalista por el Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio es una visita obligada para cualquier visitante de Costa Rica.

Esta excursión reúne lo mejor de todo: Selvas tropicales rebosantes de vida salvaje, datos asombrosos proporcionados por naturalistas apasionados, equipo óptico de primera para ver todos los animales con detalle, y la cereza sobre la crema viene al remojarse en las cálidas aguas turquesas de la popular «Tercera Playa».

Dé un paseo o una intensa caminata (usted elige, ya que es su excursión) con un guía naturalista costarricense altamente cualificado y bien formado.

Paseará por nuestra exótica y biodiversa selva tropical conservada durante más de 40 años, nuestro tesoro, el Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio.

Las habilidades e intereses de su grupo determinan el ritmo de esta aventura.


The Manuel Antonio National Park guided tour offered by Epic Adventures in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. This 2.5-hour tour takes you through one of the most biodiverse and picturesque national parks in the world.

As you explore the lush rainforest, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide who will provide you with fascinating insights into the park’s flora and fauna. You’ll learn about the various species of animals that call this park home, such as monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and a wide variety of birds. Your guide will also point out the different types of trees and plants that make up the forest, some of which have been used for medicinal purposes by the local people for centuries.As you make your way through the park, you’ll come across several breathtaking viewpoints that offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding landscapes. These vistas are perfect for taking memorable photos to show off to your friends and family back home.The Manuel Antonio National Park guided tour also includes a visit to one of the park’s pristine beaches. Here, you can relax in the sun and take a refreshing swim in crystal-clear waters. You may even catch a glimpse of some of the marine life that inhabits the area, such as sea turtles or dolphins.Overall, the Manuel Antonio National Park guided tour is an ideal way to experience the natural beauty and wildlife of Costa Rica in a safe and educational manner. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a nature enthusiast, or just looking for a fun and memorable adventure, this tour is sure to exceed your expectations. So why wait? Book your tour today and get ready to be amazed by the wonders of this incredible national park.
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