Travel & Leisure: Costa Rica is one the most affordable places to retire

Living outside of the United States can be one of the most significant ways to lower your cost of living after retirement without losing your quality of life. For this reason, Costa Rica has frequently been mentioned as one of the top retirement locations.

Toucan Costa Rica is one the most affordable placesTravel & Leisure magazine has again selected Costa Rica as one of the eight most affordable travel destinations for American seniors, continuing the pattern.

According to data from June 2022, “the overall cost of living is roughly 38% lower than in the United States, and housing is on average 72% lower,” notes Travel + Leisure.

Here is the whole list of the top 8 retirement locations provided by the magazine so that you can evaluate how Costa Rica stacks up against the other nations on the list:


  1. Mexico
  2. Ecuador
  3. In Costa Rica
  4. Portugal
  5. Panama
  6. Vietnam
  7. Montenegro
  8. Colombia

It’s no secret that many foreigners have fallen in love with Costa Rica. Many individuals prefer to relocate to the nation for various reasons, including the beaches, volcanoes, rainforests, and other breathtaking natural vistas, as well as the excellent climate and Pura Vida’s way of life.

The publication highlights a few residency programs in Costa Rica mainly geared toward retirees.

The article states, “Residency schemes include the Pensionado visa, which requires a monthly income transfer to a Costa Rican bank of at least $1,000 for costs.”

Additionally, “the Rentista Program demands a minimum of $60,000 or a monthly income of at least $2,500 from a stable source for at least two years for individuals without a monthly pension.”

Costa Rica is one the most affordable places  Aerial view of the Rainforests of Costa Rica
The newspaper emphasizes that access to healthcare, whether public or private, is one feature of Costa Rica.
Excellent medical care is accessible… Residents have access to the private health care option with out-of-pocket payments that can be self-insured or paid through a private insurance policy, as well as the national medical program, which has no co-pays or exclusions.
The capital city, San José, may not be everyone’s first pick, but according to Travel & Leisure, for those who adore it, the “cost of living is 55 percent lower than in New York, and rentals are 82 percent lower.”
Numerous foreigners reside close to mountainous regions, and nearby zones offer housing options.
The cost is often influenced by lifestyle, personal demands, national location, and other out-of-pocket expenditures.



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