International Airport in the South Pacific of Costa Rica is a possibility

Costa Rica’s government is currently researching whether it would be possible to construct an international airport in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, specifically in the Brunca Region.

SJO Airport (Illustration Purposes Only)|Airport in the south pacific of costa rica
SJO Airport (Illustration Purposes Only)


During his tour of the country’s southern region, President Rodrigo Chaves affirmed this information. He was supported by Luis Amador, Minister of Public Works and Transport (MOPT), and Nayuribe Guadamuz, Minister of Culture and Youth.

“This project has technical studies and a master plan developed by the ICAO, and there is a defined location. Since 2010, it has been declared of public interest, and we cannot let any more years go by. We must act while also respecting the heritage and natural resources of the area. “So, for the moment, we will complete the studies,” said Luis Amador.

MOPT, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, and the Ministry of Culture and Youth-National Museum are currently conducting the exploration and archaeological recovery process. Following that, the government will be allowed to begin making an offer for the concession and the construction phase.

“The airport that we will build here means more than just Airbus or B737 planes landing in the south of our country. It also means setting up powerful engines for the socio-economic and tourism development of the Brunca Region, and helping small and medium entrepreneurs provide services and produce jobs,” stated President Rodrigo Chaves.

Previous research has shown that airfields in the country’s south cannot be converted into international airports because they do not meet the minimal operational safety regulations for larger and more independent planes.

In the same way, the best place for the airport is in the delta formed by the mouths of the Térraba and Sierpe rivers, in an area called Valle del Diqus, on land owned by the government. This is because of the direction of the wind and the potential need for services and operational safety, which is governed by national and international laws.

The Airbus A319/320/321 Family, the B737 Family, executive planes, and other medium-range aircraft could all use this airport. “We will have a location in the region to facilitate emergency and humanitarian assistance. Of course, actual development must be inclusive, sustainable, and mindful of our collective history “Chaves added.

SJO Airport (Illustration Purposes Only)|Airport in the south pacific of costa rica
SJO Airport (Illustration Purposes Only)

The construction of an international airport in the Brunca region of Costa Rica, which is close to Manuel Antonio National Park, could have several potential benefits for the people living in the area, including:

  1. Increased tourism: An international airport could attract more international visitors to the area, which would bring more revenue to the local economy. This could result in new job opportunities, increased business activity, and improved infrastructure.
  2. Improved transportation: An airport in the area would make it easier and faster for tourists to travel to and from Manuel Antonio National Park, as well as other nearby destinations. This could improve the overall transportation infrastructure in the area, making it easier for locals to travel as well.
  3. Increased property values: The development of an airport and associated infrastructure could increase property values in the area, which could benefit property owners and the local economy.
  4. Improved education and healthcare: The increased revenue generated by tourism and economic growth could lead to improvements in education and healthcare services in the area, which could benefit both locals and visitors.
  5. Environmental conservation: The development of an airport and associated infrastructure could also provide funding for environmental conservation efforts in the area, including the preservation of the Manuel Antonio National Park and other natural resources.

It’s worth noting, however, that the construction of an airport and associated infrastructure could also have negative impacts on the local environment and community. It’s important for any development project to be carefully planned and executed with consideration for the potential impacts on both people and the environment.


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