For 2023, we wish you a life of luxuries. (The real ones)

It is the end of 2022, and our hearts in Epic Adventures are full of gratitude and joy for this magnificent year. From the uncertainty at the beginning of the year to the faith we have at the end it has been a major change. To know what we found in 2022 to be luxury, read on!

Two scarlet macaws flying over a rainforest | Happy new year from Manuel Antonio
Two scarlet macaws flying over a rainforest | Happy new year from Manuel Antonio


One of the best things that a human being can experience as a lesson for life is a break down that turns into a break through. In the travel industry of Costa Rica and Epic Adventures, we have already lived that. And without making the pandemic a neverending story, amazingly we have such deep and amazing lessons from it, that we rather share them as a reminder that no crisis is eternal and we can all learn from the hardest of times.

  1. This too shall pass

Probably this is one of the lessons that kept us going when everything stops. The uncertainty of not having an ending date made us see that somehow, sometime the hardships was going to solve. One way or the other. Solutions are never the ones we imagine, and faith will allow us to be patient in desperate time.

Dear ones that fell and some of us were at the edge, nevertheless life goes on. No matter what. And as long as we are breathing, we are to know that whatever is happening shall also pass. Even this abundant moment at the end of 2022.

2. Time is life, not money.

We are extremely fortunate to say that we work in what we love, with happy people, and at an amazing place. Yes.Happiness is a lifetime decision, and money is just its palliative.

We give our best and our clients go out from our tours satisfied and relaxed.  Sharing the wonders of Manuel Antonio allows us to experience the awe of the present moment at every turn. What we give, we receive, in so many ways it’s amazing!

Money is good to buy food, pay for stuff and buy things, but life is the one thing to experience at every breath. And beauty, joy, gratitude, patience, sharing and all that is invisible is what we live.

3. Family is important.

Family for us are the relations that grow out of mutual love and respect. It goes beyond genetics, blood or even a common history. To be there for the loved ones and for them to be there for us make a difference that these past years taught us dramatically.

Besides the hospital bed or at a supermarket, when we pass through these breaking down times, life teaches you, somehow, who is who. And it is as important to see ourselves in the mirror and find if we are as supportive as life is with us.

Our families were there, in the hardest of times.

4. Peace is the ultimate form of success.

We are very used to see a dangling carrot in front of us. Adverising, social media and many other sources will tell you that a car, physical beauty, brands and all that is where success is, however we learned a different lesson.

Money, fame, power and many other delusions are there to tell us different but in the end, if we look closely we find that actually, the best definition of it is:

Success is to be able to sleep all night. (Without sleeping pills).

As a way to wrap it up

We wish you the best of life, a true luxurious life:


Wishes for 2023

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