Dominical Beach, close to Manuel Antonio, received the blue flag

A few days ago, the Dominical beach community received the Ecological Blue Flag program award, presented by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT), in recognition of all those who work tirelessly to make Dominical a more sustainable place to live.

Dominical Beach | Epic Adventures Costa Rica


Pepe López is an illustration of the adjustments and advancements that we can make in our lives to change the world around us.

The Ecological Blue Flag, according to Pepe, “is an indication of the community’s willingness to cooperate in a more structured way to promote the well-being and enhancement of Dominical’s biodiversity.”

Now, Playa Dominical is known globally as a town with a clean conscience and a better image, which will attract more visitors and have a good influence on trade.


Pepe Lopez, 30, launched Spicy Life in 2018. He was born and raised in Dominical Beach, where his vegan hot sauce product is currently manufactured. Pepe’s heart is in his hometown, where the firm supports outreach activities, particularly those for youngsters. The monies enable twice-month beach clean-ups, music instruction, art and technology seminars, and surf competitions.

Dominical Beach | Epic Adventures Costa Rica
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“When it first started, we were a group of three youngsters, but with the good activities, it has grown gradually, and the individuals that contribute are overjoyed,” said Pepe López.
In Dominical, students participate in rubbish collection, ocean signage projects, wild animal protection, and environmental awareness. They also receive instruction on ecology and its influence on tourism.

The SpicyLife label featuring a sombrero-wearing chile surfing a wave in the form of the Costa Rican flag lives up to the company name.

Dominical Beach | Epic Adventures Costa Rica



Everything from this Dominical Beach community is part of a collaborative effort by a committee created for the prize, led by lifeguard Yahaira Vega, captain of the Public Force Geovanny Navarro, and Pepe López from Spicy Life.

It is worth noting that the Ecological Blue Flag (BAE) program in the beach category achieved a record number of 118 outstanding beaches with this award, which is given for the organized effort of committees from each coastal community to achieve sustainable beaches and tourist attributes both in the Pacific and in the Costa Rican Caribbean.

Congratulations to Dominical, and may the successes amongst communities continue; Dominical is definitely one of Costa Rica’s most amazing locations.



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