Damas Mangrove Boat Tour

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]Hours: Tour Times depend on the Ocean Tides – Private Tours Available

Requirements: Casual and comfortable clothes and shoes for tropical weather, suitable for all

ages, individuals, families, or even large groups, camera, and bug repellent.

Includes Round trip transportation, bilingual and naturalists guides, delicious meals.

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Welcome to the Damas Mangrove Tour, one of the most treasured secrets of Epic Adventures in Costa Rica! This boat tour is an exceptional experience, but for a double delight in the relaxation and calmness of the mangrove’s flat waters, try kayaking instead.

Our highly trained, bilingual guides and naturalists will peacefully steer you through the winding mangrove channels, where you’ll have the opportunity to witness curious families of monkeys, exotic trees, caimans, sloths, crocodiles, boas, white face monkeys, egrets, and more. It’s a true adventure of Costa Rican natural history and highly recommended for any naturalist, young or old, who wants to experience the pulse of the mangrove ecosystem.

The Damas Mangrove Tour is interactive and offers an educational experience on the delicate mangrove ecosystem. Wind through acres of a protected, pristine Costa Rican estuary as your guides educate you on the secrets – both past and present – of the mangrove eco-structure so vital to Costa Rica and the world.

When the tour ends, enjoy a relaxing yet rewarding meal in typical Costa Rican flavor at a local “hot spot” restaurant before returning to your hotel. By joining us on this tour, you’ll learn and experience a delicate treasure that Costa Ricans are working hard to preserve – the mangroves. You may even become part of preserving this intricate ecosystem, which is necessary for the world’s habitat balance as well.

Don’t wait too long for this experience – book your Damas Mangrove Tour now and live the extraordinary adventure of a lifetime!

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