Costa Rica in the rainy season, is it worth it?

The rainy season in Costa Rica sounds like rain all day and night, but it is refreshing, impressive, and fabulous! Find here seven reasons to come to Costa Rica in the sunny season.

Costa Rica in the rainy season

Our seven reasons to come to Costa Rica in the rainy season are:


If you haven’t visited Costa Rica during the rainy season, you might apprehensive about traveling at this time of year. Thoughts of being indoors all day and missing out on exploring the world-famous beaches and national parks.

But these thoughts are far from the truth. . There are still plenty of reasons to visit this wonderful country during rainy days.

The rainy season in Costa Rica generally extends from May to November. (Except in the Caribbean, when it goes from February to April and then in September and October.)

From April to November you will find many sunny mornings.

The weather changes from April to November, however, the temperature stays the same. There are also plenty of sunny days and almost all mornings are bright and dry.

Costa Rica is extremely green.

The rainy season can be one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit Costa Rica. The country’s landscapes, forests, and jungles come alive again.

Costa Rica in the rainy seasonIn the sunny season, and especially in the popular North Pacific region, you see a lot  of burned grass and some of those scabbed trees. And coming to our Central Pacific in the sunny season, you will see a lot of leafless trees due to the high temperatures.

While Costa Rica fills up its landscapes with vibrant shades of green and bright blooms in the rainy season, it’s stunning. You can feel the energy of the earth being renewed and nourished.

It’s no wonder it’s known as the green season because everything turns green again.

Visiting during the rainy season is a great way to see Costa Rica for what it is. Temperatures can even feel slightly cooler, especially in the evenings. And even in Manuel Antonio, you’ll be looking for a blanket some nights, and no air conditioning is needed.

Discounts and Savings

One of the best reasons to visit Costa Rica during the rainy season is the cheap prices you are likely to find.

It is considered the low season, reducing prices in many hotels and attractions.

Costa Rica in the rainy seasonRestaurants in tourist destinations may have an increase in offers and promotions. You can find places with percentages of their menus or 2-for-1 meals to attract people and keep the revenue flowing.

Even hotels have some of it off your typical off-season night’s stay. It is also important to acknowledge that some hotels choose to close completely.

Those that are open try to make their prices attractive to potential customers.

You might find amazing accommodations with discounted prices by doing a little research online and on social media. Rainy season prices can mean staying in places you may not have thought of before that are out of your price range.

Even while driving, you will find signs advertising discounts.  As you may already know, car rentals can be extremely expensive in Costa Rica. Off-season rentals can be a great way to cover a large portion of your travel expenses.

Less crowded

Seasonal tourists and the sky-high prices accompanying their presence have not yet arrived. A quieter vibe takes over the parks and beaches. Many of the people are here for the love of the country. The cool pure life lifestyle, and for the good and the bad of everything, the rain, and the sun.

Costa Rica in the rainy seasonThe beaches will be much less crowded, and you may even find some you can enjoy. Your personal paradise with no soul to bother you.

More locals go on holiday during this time. As well as the high season of the peak season, Holy Week and the days of Christmas and New Year are expensive and very crowded. In contrast, in the rainy season, your experience exploring the sights will be much different and more enjoyable at this time.

Sun on the Caribbean Coast

Summer weather fills many days on the Caribbean Coast, not following much weather pattern like the rest of the country in September and October.

While rainy days plague the Pacific Coast, the other side sees the opposite. These months are the driest months of the year. Therefore, it is a good time to take advantage of the Caribbean side of the country and its sunny and dry days.

Costa Rica in the rainy season

The water is flowing.

Dry season and high season in Costa Rica are synonyms.

As a result, rivers may have dried up, and waterfalls may not flow at full capacity.

But during the green season, the sky blesses the land with abundant rain, and the water flows. The falls are much more powerful and spectacular, spouting excessive water. It is the best time for rafting when the rapids are at their peak with high water levels.

Be careful, though, especially during the peak months of the rainy season. And the main low point is that you cannot get into the river ponds and waterfalls as there may be flash floods.

Before visiting, note if it has rained recently, as this can change the color. The colors of the falling water are transformed into shades of gray and brown by the outflow. If color isn’t your thing, like Rio Celeste’s turquoise tones, then fear not.

Watch out for rising river banks, and remember to use common sense.

It’s high season for some wildlife experiences.

The green season is turtle season. When the turtles come to the shore to nest. If you took the risk of visiting during the main rainy season of September and October, then even better, it was worth it. It is the height of arrivals.

Costa Rica in the rainy season

Costa Rica has a long season for humpback whales year-round, but the peak months fall during rainier ones. August and September are the best months to see anything, and one of the perks of being in Costa Rica during the rainy season.

You can read all about whale season here! 

The sun is still shining.

No. Don’t let the terms rainy or green season fool you. It doesn’t rain all day, every day.

Like the winter months in other countries, there isn’t a blizzard or snowstorm every day. The sun can still shine.

Just expect it to decrease as the months go through the season. In September and October, you can experience many more rainy days with more intense periods. In Mountain areas especially, you can witness spectacular thunderstorms.

The secret to getting out and enjoying your time in Costa Rica is to wake up early.

During the first half of the green season, the sun generally rises throughout the morning through the afternoon.

Plenty of time to spend on beaches, exploring national parks, and sightseeing.An important note if you plan to travel off-season is to be aware of your trip. This can be the most affected.

Knowing weather systems, your route and proper transportation are extremely important.

Rent a 4×4, especially for off-road adventures.

During months of heavy rainfall, excessive rain can wash away highways and back roads. Plan your trips along trails that are much more accessible, especially if you are here for the first time.

Unfortunately, landslides can happen, so avoiding travel on heavy rain days can help allay fears and worries when you’re out..Try You to visit places close to your accommodation to avoid long journeys in bad weather.

Being at your destination before the sun goes down can cause a lot of stress and unnecessary situations. Keep in mind that it gets dark by 6 p.m. in Costa Rica all year round. Driving in the dark when it’s raining is something not even the locals like to do.

Final thoughts

After experiencing the downpours, the amazing sounds of thunder and temporary power outages are part of life in Costa Rica. Can you say you know Costa Rica if you haven’t visited it during the rainy season? This is the real Costa Rica, and sometimes some of the best spontaneous moments you will always cherish and tell stories about long after.


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