Costa Rica in Discovery Channel Documentary Reversed once more

Costa Rica in Discovery Channel Documentary Reversed once more. The show is produced by Bob Marley’s nephew Charles Mattocks Marley will be shot from January 4 through January 8, 2023, in Atenas, in the province of Alajuela.

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Keto Food - Costa Rica in Discovery Channel Documentary
Keto Food – Costa Rica in Discovery Channel Documentary

What is this Discovery Channel filmed in Costa Rica about:

The first of a multi-part documentary series, Reversed, discusses how food affects people’s health. The first part of the series concentrated on cancer, the second on using the ketogenic diet to reverse diabetes, and the third will use the carnivore diet to treat autoimmune diseases. By producing this documentary series in Costa Rica, Charles Mattocks Marley thinks they are contributing to the knowledge-sharing about how lifestyle decisions can affect people’s lives.

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Why is Costa Rica a friendly country to film a documentary?

“Costa Rica is one of the most welcoming recording locations in the world. It is easily accessible, people work well together, and most importantly, it is a healthy country. I’ve visited many countries, and their people are truly healthy. This chapter aims to change the way we think about food right now, because it can be used to heal ourselves rather than just survive” Mattocks stated.

Dr. Donald Vega of Kilosophy Costa Rica has been a member of the panel of experts since the previous installment in 2020. This year, he will be joined by world-renowned doctors like Dr. Antony Chafee, Dr. Robert Kiltz, and international chef Mara Emmerich.

Sugar meter and Keto food |Costa Rica in Discovery Channel Documentary“For many years, we have been pioneers in demonstrating the benefits of the keto diet in people here in Costa Rica, after thousands of patients who have changed their lives, believing that what we do here must contribute to the world,” he said. This season will be broadcast on the Discovery Channel and can be seen in Costa Rica in the next six months.

“We have been producing content for a long time to show the world the need to take care of our health and use food as a direct link between improving and surviving. “Many people have won the battle against cancer, diabetes, and obesity through their diet,” Mattocks concluded.

As a conclusion

For us at Epic Adventures, having Costa Rica in a Discovery Channel documentary once more is, of course good news, and if we see it as the good guide for well-being it is, it is even better! We are very thankful for this opportunity to the window of the world.



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