5 Sports in Manuel Antonio for outdoors lovers

Manuel Antonio is a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts, with stunning mountains, jungles, wildlife and waterfalls. This post is for you, whether you are a local, a traveler, a resident, or an ex-pat who wants to participate in an outdoor activity but doesn’t know where to begin.


Sports in Manuel Antonio - Illustrative Purposes

What effect does engaging in outdoor activities have?

The outdoor activity provides several mental and physical health advantages. Nature connection decreases stress and psychological illnesses while also improving cognitive ability. Nature can cure your spirit, and fresh air may help you cleanse your thoughts. Going outside also aids in obtaining some sunshine, which has become difficult in our sedentary lifestyle.


5 Sports in Manuel Antonio for outdoors lovers

When we think about Manuel Antonio we all think about monkey and sloths, jungles and warm sea waves, however if you are thinking about staying a little longer you can go for your routinary and favorite sport while in the region.


Biking is quite popular among the sports in Manuel Antonio, and many people utilize it as a form of pleasure. Some people ride to watch nature and be at peace, while others prefer to go off-road into the trails to get an adrenaline rush.

Sports in Manuel Antonio - Illustrative PurposesSome people have adopted cycling as a way of life and even utilize it as a form of transportation. On weekends, cycling groups may be observed in sites around Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

Contact us to know more about routes in Manuel Antonio for mountain biking. 


Hiking is another popular outdoor sport in Manuel Antonio. Many of Manuel Antonio’s rainforests, waterfalls, reserves, national park trails,  and viewpoints would need a good hike to be fully enjoyed.

You can decide to delight in the amazing nature of the Corcovado National Park or let the close-by Rainmaker adventure take your breath away.

Sports in Manuel AntonioLearn about the wildlife and the fantastic ecology of these fantastic habitats, and do some healthy exercise in the meantime. Hiking is thought to improve mental health and connect you with nature.

Running is a common element of many people’s morning routines in Manuel Antonio. You can use the beach to do this early in the morning when the sun is not yet up and scorching.

Adventures in Manuel Antonio - RunningEnjoying Espadilla Beach early in the morning is one of the most amazing and easy-to-do experiences in Manuel Antonio.

Running offers several health advantages and improves stamina. While some people run every morning to stay in shape, others choose to run to calm their minds.


Manuel Antonio is a great surfing venue. Surfers from all over the world gather to test and improve their abilities. In the area, you will also find iconic beaches like Jaco and Playa Hermosa, and down in the south, Pavones is a terrific site for the more skilled surfer, despite being a little off the usual path.

Sports in Manuel AntonioSurfing aids in the burning of calories, the strengthening of muscles, and the improvement of balance and coordination.



Kayaking is one of the most amazing adventures in Manuel Antonio. You can go out to the ocean, enjoy the waves, and maybe, if lucky, see dolphins nearby.

Sports in Manuel Antonio



You can also come with us, at night or during the day (Or both) to kayak through the mangroves of Damas Island, very close to Quepos.

Kayaking develops the upper body and core strength as well as endurance.

Last Thoughts
Stress at work and in our personal life may be overwhelming, and engaging in outdoor activities can help alleviate stress. I hope you will add some of these things to your schedule the next time you plan a vacation.



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